Peau Jaune Concentrated Intense Lightening Stage 1 Triple Action Serum


Triple Concentrate peau jaune specially been formulated for smoothing the complexion and intensively moistures the skin. Thanks to the carrot extract multiple benefits, this serum is a real multi active care. It’s delicately fragranced texture quickly penetrates the skin for optimum effect and immediate freshness feeling.

Its lightening agents act at the epidermis heart in order to soften and effectively prevent pigmentary defaults occurrence.

This silly milk deeply nourishes the skin, preserve its youth fullness and fight against cutaneous slackening.

Used regularly, it makes the complexion harmonious, clearer and youth. 
The yellow skin lightening concentrate is a remedy for all deformities and irregularities of skin and complexion.

It quickly clears up your skin and homogenizes the complexion.

 Apply alone on stubborn stains or areas to lighten or make a solution to add to your milk of toilet
Fast action
Use twice daily on a clean skin surface for faster results.Results are seen in as early as 2 weeks.

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